Wednesday, March 28, 2012

coming up roses

i think hong kong has definitely had an influence on me, it appears i don't like to waste time now. while i was in sydney, i thought not only would i catch up with my mates, but i would try to be as productive as possible as well (as productive as you can be on a holiday anyway).

i decided to organise a couple of video test shoots with my mate tyson, that way i could shoot something and catch up with everyone too. the idea was to basically produce a video that would capture each model's personality, sort of a "style profile" where the model would be wearing their own clothing, but styled by me. so their own personality fused with my take on it.

i love tyson's work, he did an amazing job when filming "dark messages", so was a no brainer to ask him to shoot this test series as well. keep an eye out, each video profile will be posted shortly.

in the meantime, my homie cam took some behind the scenes shots while shooting with rose. rose was an obvious choice too, she's such a rad dude, always a lot of fun and she has great style as well. i'm really feeling her beaded necklace / shoulder piece thing, so dope!

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