Tuesday, December 10, 2013

boom - on the street

a few years ago hong kong's street style was quite clean, and pretty conservative, it was kind of non existent. people weren't really doing much to push boundaries in terms of their personal style which was honestly really disappointing. i realize hong kong is a very business oriented city, which means guys were usually dressed in plain shirts and trousers and girls dressed quite basic too. It was rare to see a lot of color or print and it was only the really fashion conscious that were trying to push things. even womenswear shoots showing the smallest amount of skin in an editorial was rare.

well the good news is it seems much more of hong kong is finally loosening up and embracing not just streetwear, but fashion in general. people are much more adventurous and playing with accessories, and experimenting with different colors and silhouettes.

boom magazine has noticed the shift and has asked me to do a monthly street style feature and highlight the people who i think are doing great things for hong kong's fashion scene and find out where they're hanging out. seems like "racks" is the spot. 

check out the full magazine here.

coco marett
occupation - editor. vagabond.
favorite band/musician - red hot chili peppers, nujabes, eryka badu, slum village, all that good stuff from that era.
favorite night spot in hk -  racks. fly. midnight & co.

occupation - cyrcle
favorite band/musician - fuck off! there are way to many, that's an impossible question :)
favorite night spot in hk - racks!

lauren rhoden
occupation - poser
favorite band/musician - pixies… drake's new album is also a guilty pleasure.
favorite night spot in hk - wherever my friends are.

jordan joe
occupation - buyer, photographer, model
favorite band/muscian - local natives
favorite night spot in hk - racks 

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