Monday, March 21, 2011


after going through some of the edits for the shoot with rose, i couldn't help but share this one. it would definitely have to be one of my favorites. i love how her figure almost looks alien like!

photographer - morgan hyslop
stylist - me
hair - kerrie bolton
model - rose howard

Saturday, March 5, 2011

dark messages

after a whole lot of setbacks, photographer's being unavailable, an abundance of model's canceling and crappy weather, i finally managed to complete "dark messages".

a shoot that was in the works for some time based on medieval times and story book hero, robin hood. i decided to do a play on the hero character and switch the roles, playing on the name robin hood, male, to robyn hood, female.

postponing the shoot ended up being a blessing in disguise. the final crew was amazing and i continue to produce great work them to this day. i hope you enjoy the shots as much as we did in creating them. 

photographer - jessica klingelfuss
stylist - me
make-up - maree spagnol
model - chloe rose
fashion assistants - quill michael & alan dick
behind the scenes video director - michael tyson