Friday, July 20, 2012

sai ying pun, hong kong

it's dope when my mates come to visit me in hk, makes me feel more connected to everything that is going on back home in sydney, and of course it's good to just hang with a dude that completely knows what your about, and just talk shit.

my mate cam was here for about 3 weeks so we figured we had plenty of time to do things. of course we ran out of time and i had a few things left that i wanted to show him, a couple of bars and restaurants were skipped over, plus cam's a photographer so we wanted to organize a shoot for while he was in town. it's all good, there's always next time!

one thing that actually surprised me this time around is cam's style is getting much better, he's always had a pretty simple understated thing going on, but it's nice to see him being slightly more adventurous with prints, but also really appreciating the details and quality of well made pieces. don't get me wrong, his style remains true to himself, but there is just that added flair to it now, definitely stepping it up.
i think my favorite of his purchases on this trip would be the common projects he picked up. mono navy, just can't go wrong!

as for me, i'm definitely feeling the sports thing, i've been trying to find a plain grid iron jersey to layer during the cooler months, i finally found something with a bit more of a fashion vibe to it. it's not cooling down anytime soon though so figured, why wait!? 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

jordan - styled by...

part two of the "styled by" series i've been collaborating on with myson productions is now finished, once again tyson did an amazing job with this vid. each time truly showing the personality of the subject.

i decided to feature my homie jordan in this new episode, he's a young cat from new zealand who love's to run around and backflip off of any surface. straight ninja. sounds like he would be a crazy sort of dude but he's actually real chill, exactly the type of personality i wanted to include in this next vid. it really gives you insight into the laid back lifestyle my mates and i live(d) in sydney. have to admit, i really miss it.

stylist - me
videographer - michael tyson of myson productions
model - jordan

Monday, July 2, 2012

dj georgia - styled by...

on my latest trip to sydney i linked up with my mate tyson of myson productions to collaborate on a 4 part series entitled "styled by".

the four part series styled by myself utilises each individuals' wardrobe to ensure their true personalities are conveyed in the film. it's my take on their own individual style and character. 

part 1 features my homegirl, dj georgia


DJ Georgia - Styled By - JCA from Juan-Carlos Aquino on Vimeo.

stylist - me
videographer - michael tyson of myson productions
model - dj georgia