Friday, March 30, 2012

putting the 'g' in georgia

so i mentioned in my last post "coming up roses" that while on holiday in sydney, i pulled together a few video tests with my mate tyson. another one of these video's will feature my homegirl georgia. she's quite a character, a dope dj and i love that she's all about keeping it ghetto with her sets. she's pretty well known for her "stanky leg" and i'm sure i've seen her drop to the floor and get her eagle on more than once.

it was really cool catching up with her, was a beautiful day in north bondi, extremely windy, but the sun was out and the view was amazing! it's definitely one of the things i really miss about living in sydney.

thanks again to cam for taking these shots from the day.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

coming up roses

i think hong kong has definitely had an influence on me, it appears i don't like to waste time now. while i was in sydney, i thought not only would i catch up with my mates, but i would try to be as productive as possible as well (as productive as you can be on a holiday anyway).

i decided to organise a couple of video test shoots with my mate tyson, that way i could shoot something and catch up with everyone too. the idea was to basically produce a video that would capture each model's personality, sort of a "style profile" where the model would be wearing their own clothing, but styled by me. so their own personality fused with my take on it.

i love tyson's work, he did an amazing job when filming "dark messages", so was a no brainer to ask him to shoot this test series as well. keep an eye out, each video profile will be posted shortly.

in the meantime, my homie cam took some behind the scenes shots while shooting with rose. rose was an obvious choice too, she's such a rad dude, always a lot of fun and she has great style as well. i'm really feeling her beaded necklace / shoulder piece thing, so dope!

Monday, March 26, 2012

balmain, sydney

i have just returned from a trip to sydney, it was dope! wasn't the longest trip but i was able to catch up with my homies back home. was so good to just hang with them, have some beer's in brown paper bags (i've really missed the brown bags!), and take in the amazing weather. so glad i managed to get in a swim and a bike ride.

i didn't realise how much i actually missed the city, i always said it was just the people that i missed most, but i think from this latest trip i really grew to appreciate it and the lifestyle i once had in my home town.

i went back to the family home and found my old scottie pippen "dream team 2" jersey, tried it on and surprisingly it fits! good thing when i was growing up i wore oversize so the jersey fits perfectly now.

wish i brought a bigger bag so i could bring back more goodies.

Monday, March 12, 2012

the clash

so i met earl pretty much two months into living in hong kong, we kept trying to organise a shoot together but for some reason or another, the plans kept falling through. as they do. i was contacted by post magazine, asking if i could do a menswear shoot, with only a few days to do so. so finally, after all that talk, earl and i have been able to produce a shoot together!

i gotta say the shoot turned out pretty dope! you may be thinking a couple of day's is easy to pull a shoot together, but honestly, having to source high-end fashion pieces over the biggest holiday of the year (in hong kong), chinese new year, was actually near to impossible. everyone is on holiday so getting a response from anyone was extremely difficult.

i was so stressed out, but luckily the day before the shoot, i heard back from all the brands i wanted to feature. in the end the shoot turned out great, we had an awesome team with earl shooting, my mate ryan who always does a great job with hair and make-up and the heroin-chic lyden, who really reminds me of a character from trainspotting (no offense man).

check it out below, along with a few extra favorites of mine.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

sheung wan, hong kong

i've always been a huge fan of headwear, you may have noticed i love rocking a beanie in the colder months, but apart from that, i pretty much just love a really classic shape of headwear. whether it's a baseball cap, 5 panel, beanie, train driver hats, fedora or a cowboy style even, headwear is a staple accessory of mine. i do love the classic styles, but what i really get down with is a classic silhouette done with a modern twist.

for instance, one of my homies from sydney, tris, who just came for a quick visit to the kong is developing his own line of hats. a classic bucket hat style (which i'm really feeling this season) with nice little details, dope fabrics and lining, re-enforced brims, contrast stitching, everything that i could possibly ask for in a hat. I'm really into patterns and print this season, so a bucket hat with a nice paisley or floral print is something i've been trying to get my hands on in time for the warmer weather. 

lucky for me, tris is on the same page, and was nice enough to give me some proddy.

Monday, March 5, 2012


it seems these days so many people are really great at a lot of things, i find in hong kong i keep meeting so many people that apart from their main career are also a slash... designer slash consultant / dj / model etc.

over the weekend i worked with a slashie, eva. she's a lot of fun and a great model / photographer.
we decided we would collaborate and shoot together, i styled the shoot, she modeled, then she shot a shoot, i modeled (if you could call it that).

i have to say, it's actually quite intimidating being in front of the camera while the actual model is behind it. it's a lot harder than it looks! i am now aware i pretty much can only pull 2 faces, normal, and overly happy.
luckily, eva still managed to capture what she was after, apart from a frown. i'll have to work on it.


Sunday, March 4, 2012

tall nat

when i first came to hong kong, there were a few models i really wanted to work with. i've been here for almost 1 year and 4 months now and i'm happy to say that i have pretty much worked with most of them on that list.

nat was actually one of the first i approached, but instead  of shooting, we decided to eat, drink, shop etc. a year went by and some how we could never organise a time to do it. the time we finally organised was 11pm, who knows why!? either way, thanks to jeff's awesome vintage polaroid cam, and nat's trusty lamp, the shots turned out great!