Saturday, December 24, 2011

michael in circle park x jca

while tim from circle park was in hong kong earlier this year, we collaborated on a small collection of button down shirts, featuring panel details, a longer silhouette and a signature snap top button. we called it the "hector ramone", be on the lookout for the special collab release in january.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

apgujeong, seoul

over the weekend i experienced some of the coldest weather i have ever had to endure. i was in korea with work on a buying trip and it was freezing! i'm pretty sure there was a point i had 6 layers on!

seoul was dope! i loved it there, the food, the shopping, the architecture, everything. you may not agree but it was kind of like mixing chicago, melbourne and hong kong together. it's awesome how each little suburb is so different to each other. crazy busy shopping malls with cheap knock-offs felt like i was back in hong kong's mong kok, while the graffiti lined streets with amazing boutiques and vintage shops, cafe's and that perfect amount of grime  that i love reminded me of some dope spots in chicago and melbourne. then there was the beverly hills type areas which were still great, places like ilmo, corso como and boon the shop gave me my fix for that higher end fashion itch.

the only negative was not having the cash flow to really go nuts. i did manage to get a few things though, my favorite would definitely have to be this vintage piece i picked up. i'm a sucker for embroidery!


Friday, December 2, 2011

"the living room", sheung wan, hong kong

the temperature has finally dropped in hong kong, winter's here! so the darker tones are coming out again.
finally i can wear all those beanies, thick button downs and jackets i brought with me from sydney. sorry, jacket (singular) i brought with me. who new hong kong would be freezing in winter!?

lately i've been going through a massive navy phase. actually not lately, i've always really liked the colour. i'm really drawn to it for some reason, it's always a staple in my wardrobe and this season is no different. i'm pretty sure my latest purchases have all been navy, a pair of vans spectators, the peacoat chukka boots and hat i'm wearing today, a pair of pants, some socks and right now i have my eye on a navy suede bag. 

you can never have too much navy!