Tuesday, November 29, 2011

behind the scenes - circle park

a little while back i showed you a few snippets of what's to come from aussie label circle park. here's a little more of a peek with this behind the scenes video of the look book shoot, you can really get a sense of what circle park is all about and how much fun it was working with this crew.
the collection is dropping soon so keep an eye out!

photographer - jessica klingelfuss
stylist - me
make-up & hair - ryan wing li
tattoo illustration - karmen leung
models - anthony law, michael seifert & rory greer
video - zarek wong

Monday, November 14, 2011

sharing a smoke with "bek"

this is bek, actually this is nete rahbek, her name is not pronounced ne-te, i actually have no idea how to pronounce it properly (sorry dude i tried, and failed). hence why i am sticking to bek, short for rahbek.

i met bek yesterday on a shoot i was collaborating on with local hong kong stylist, kelvin wud. we paired up to see what our different styles and backgrounds (hong kong and australia) would bring to the table and create. shooting was dante, how good is that name for a photographer?! he's a great new talent.
models were bek and justyna, both girls were dope and amazing sports being decked out in winter gear in this hong kong heat. 

i cant show all looks from the shoot, but here's a peak of some of bek's i took in between shots.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

brittany in circle park

not too long ago i teamed up yet again with the home boy tim, from circle park. it was a typical hong kong day at south bay beach. scorching hot and dripping sweat. so it was incredibly rewarding to end the day with margarita's and an afternoon swim when the shoot was wrapped!

i had a great team lined up, working with one of my favorite photographers dicky manana. i cant wait to shoot with him again, he always produces amazing work. modeling was australian beauty brittany (i'm still wondering how she managed to lose her thongs!), and the always entertaining karl.

here's a few sneaky pics of brit from the shoot. she's totally rocking the circle park gear. you would never know that it was strictly menswear!