Thursday, August 30, 2012

electric sekki : les artistes 2

earlier this year electric sekki partnered up with ten of hong kong's most inspirational creatives for their annual "les artiste" initiative.

"les artiste" highlights individuals who are trying to make their mark on the creative industry, whether it be in photography, music, fashion, etc. and i'm extremely proud to have been featured as one of the ten.
it's awesome to finally see that hong kong, a city usually associated with the corporate world of banker's, lawyers etc. is beginning to embrace the creative side to the city and recognize these talents.

last night, electric sekki hosted an event to launch the video to the public, it was a dope night  but also very surreal and strange to see myself up on a big screen, i think it goes back to people hating the way they sound on a recording. is that how i really sound? check out the video below, i'm last!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

black on black... on black

another small tease on an upcoming feature on the "styled by" series is morgan. so where to start with morgan, she's got awesome taste in music, which helps since she's a dj, plus she has an amazing eye which helps since she's a photographer too. she can be pretty hood, and is always heaps fun. she's one of my dearest friends, my little fake asian sister. all reasons why she was an obvious choice for the series.

styling morgs actually proved to be a little bit of a challenge, but was definitely enjoyable. she is quite video camera shy (which similarly to me is why we like to work behind the scenes), and since my moving to hk almost 2 years ago, her wardrobe seems to have gone through some drastic changes and has lost the majority of colour and print it once had, leaving me with an abundance of black, on black…. on black. needless to say, the shoot turned out dope and i'm really happy with the footage tyson got. can't wait to see the final edit.

it was heaps of fun being able to catch up, so much fun that i got completely distracted and forgot to take photo's on the day, only managed to get one look. so here it is, a little teaser shot for whats in store. 


Monday, August 20, 2012


so i've been m.i.a for a little as i went to sydney for a little getaway. had to escape the hustle of hk for a bit.

on my trip i linked up with my mate tyson from myson productions again and we decided we would extend our "styled by" video series as it is receiving a great response.

my homie aidan, otherwise known in the art world as "sprinkles" was the next on the list of creatives i wanted to feature. aidan is a dope artist and tattoo artist, i've known him for many years now and watched him develop. it's awesome seeing his progression from lettering to paste ups to full blown murals featuring stylized animals with his signature maine of hair and beads. he's definitely come into his own and you can really see his signature style coming through not only in his artworks, but in his tattoo designs also.

below are a few shots from the day. check them out, and be on the lookout for the "sprinkles - styled by" video to drop soon.