Thursday, August 30, 2012

electric sekki : les artistes 2

earlier this year electric sekki partnered up with ten of hong kong's most inspirational creatives for their annual "les artiste" initiative.

"les artiste" highlights individuals who are trying to make their mark on the creative industry, whether it be in photography, music, fashion, etc. and i'm extremely proud to have been featured as one of the ten.
it's awesome to finally see that hong kong, a city usually associated with the corporate world of banker's, lawyers etc. is beginning to embrace the creative side to the city and recognize these talents.

last night, electric sekki hosted an event to launch the video to the public, it was a dope night  but also very surreal and strange to see myself up on a big screen, i think it goes back to people hating the way they sound on a recording. is that how i really sound? check out the video below, i'm last!

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