Monday, September 3, 2012

california dreamin'

earlier this year sylvè colless, an amazing photographer from australia moved to hong kong for a short stint, while she was in town we got together and immediately clicked and had the exact same vision of the type of shoots we wanted to do. i say exact because when we met up to talk about a concept, we showed up with the exact same reference shots.
the thing with hong kong is that it is a city that has a reputation of being so shiny and new, it has a very clean cut fashion aesthetic which is very different to that of sydney,  so when the opportunity came along to do something a lot more casual, we both jumped.

it was such a sticky, humid day when we shot, props to chen yu. she's a lovely girl and did an awesome job having to be decked out in knitwear for the majority of the time.
the shoot turned out great, and was published yesterday with hong kong's post magazine.

check out the feature below with a couple of extra outtakes.


  1. Love the shoot, so modern and casual. Where's the location?