Friday, April 26, 2013

cath love for pronounced [stahyl].

when my girlfriend and i moved to hk the first person and friend we pretty much met was cath aka. 'cath love'. she's an extremely talented artist who started out in the graff scene and now she also spins tunes that make dudes get rowdy and girls want to get their eagle on.

i've been a fan of cath's artworks ever since and have been trying to figure out a way we can work together and still show her skills. so to start, i asked her if she can illustrate my styled fits. 

check the work below, it's pretty dope and definitely motivates me to get the ball rolling on more projects we could work on together.

(études sweater, dior homme extra long shirt, acne pants, vans shoes, apc x carhartt beanie, elke necklace, vintage rings)    

Thursday, April 25, 2013

dance in the sunlight

i've been really getting into transparent and holographic/metallic fabrics, basically anything that shines or reflects in the light. i think subconsciously my girlfriends taste might be rubbing off onto me. the trend isn't something that i feel like i can pull off personally, i think it's definitely more of a look for the ladies, but if a guy wants to try i give him props if he's able to rock it.

i was contacted to style a shoot for a new magazine launched in hk, so thought it was a good chance to play with this look. decided to go a bit weird with it and kind of get a tacky, space, rave twist on it. 

check out some of the shoot below with a few added outtakes.

shoot published in SCMP's '48 Hours' Magazine - 25/04/13

photographer - dicky manana
fashion stylist - me
hair & make-up - ryan wing li
model - bori n

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

running the streets

it's been raining quite a lot lately which has made it extremely difficult to plan a location shoot in hk. luckily, the sun decided to come out for a day so i managed to get the s/s13 look book for design/lifestyle/fashion space 'konzepp' underway.

it was pretty rad as i had 2 of my good friends model for it, jordy and nat. it makes the day so much easier working with friends, it does't really even feel like work, just chilling. we wandered the streets of sheung wan, a cool little neighbor hood that always seems to surprise me, there's just so many dope hidden spots to shoot.

check out some behind the scenes shots i took below.

photographer - sheng wong
fashion stylist - me
hair & make-up - ryan wing li
models - jordan j & nat s

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

the streets is watching

a few months ago i was asked to take to the streets in hk and snap some street style shots for spanish brand "pull & bear". the brand chose one person from a few major cities in the world to participate and take snaps for their coming campaign/competition.

it was something pretty different for me playing the role of the photographer, but the brand decided on choosing a stylist for hk as they trusted my eye and taste. i was quite flattered and decided to give it a go.

it was a pretty dope experience, i shot a few of my friends that i think have great style, as well i had the chance to meet a lot of creative and stylish people. it was really interesting speaking to them about their choices in clothing etc. 

check out the shots below for a few of my favorite looks.