Tuesday, December 10, 2013

boom - on the street

a few years ago hong kong's street style was quite clean, and pretty conservative, it was kind of non existent. people weren't really doing much to push boundaries in terms of their personal style which was honestly really disappointing. i realize hong kong is a very business oriented city, which means guys were usually dressed in plain shirts and trousers and girls dressed quite basic too. It was rare to see a lot of color or print and it was only the really fashion conscious that were trying to push things. even womenswear shoots showing the smallest amount of skin in an editorial was rare.

well the good news is it seems much more of hong kong is finally loosening up and embracing not just streetwear, but fashion in general. people are much more adventurous and playing with accessories, and experimenting with different colors and silhouettes.

boom magazine has noticed the shift and has asked me to do a monthly street style feature and highlight the people who i think are doing great things for hong kong's fashion scene and find out where they're hanging out. seems like "racks" is the spot. 

check out the full magazine here.

coco marett
occupation - editor. vagabond.
favorite band/musician - red hot chili peppers, nujabes, eryka badu, slum village, all that good stuff from that era.
favorite night spot in hk -  racks. fly. midnight & co.

occupation - cyrcle
favorite band/musician - fuck off! there are way to many, that's an impossible question :)
favorite night spot in hk - racks!

lauren rhoden
occupation - poser
favorite band/musician - pixies… drake's new album is also a guilty pleasure.
favorite night spot in hk - wherever my friends are.

jordan joe
occupation - buyer, photographer, model
favorite band/muscian - local natives
favorite night spot in hk - racks 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

come alive - hysteria magazine (the freedom issue)

freedom means many things to different people but it isn't always so black and white. often, it isn't about the destination or state of freedom itself, but the journey of self-discovery and breaking through personal boundaries and limitations.

stylist & art director - me
photographer - sheng wong
hair & make-up - summer wong
model - jordan joe

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

konzepp fw13 look book

I had the pleasure of once again styling the look book for lifestyle space, konzepp. was a dope day basically just chilling and hanging with good friends. was a different experience this time being both behind and in front of the camera.

check out the video below with the fw13 look book to follow.

producer - geoff tsui
art direction & styling - me
video - anderson ko
hair & make-up - linda lay
models - lauren rhoden, jordan joe & myself.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

block party - 48 hours magazine

pretty stoked with this latest published shoot with 48 hours magazine. got to work with my homie jordy again who is beginning to do big things here, but also shoot with my good friend josephine who i've been trying to collab with again since our last shoot for the fashionisto mag.

check it out below.

photographer - josephine rozman
stylist - me
hair & make-up - summer wong
model - jordan joe

Monday, November 18, 2013

wan chai, hong kong

cold weather is finally hitting hong kong again and i can break out my winter threads. i didn't actually realise until this morning when i opened up my wardrobe and basically only saw black and white hanging. apparently i've been getting pretty minimal, all white everything, all black everything or a mix of both.

(rick owens singlet, dries van noten jacket, uniqlo jeans, wood wood hat, nike shoes, alexander mcqueen chain & wallet)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

come alive - teaser

hysteria mag from sydney approached me while they were in hong kong a couple of months ago and informed me about the new issue they will be releasing mid this month - the freedom issue.

initially i thought of freedom meaning you can do anything you want. i began to think about when i first started out in styling. when i did, one of the things that i was attracted to most was there was no boundaries to to your own concepts. you could go as crazy or as minimal as you wanted, you could do anything, there wass no right or wrong. you have complete creative freedom. i started thinking of all the possible ideas but kept coming back to one thing which i found was even more interesting, the actual process.

in the end, i decided instead of focusing on the theme of 'freedom' itself, to focus more on the journey someone takes to break free.

below is a teaser for hysteria magazines "freedom" issue. be sure to check back for the full editorial soon.

video - anderson ko
stylist - me
hair & make-up - summer wong
model - jordan joe

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

where people meet - view magazine

if you asked anyone in hong kong they would probably say in regards to styling i'm known for my street style aesthetic. it's definitely not a bad thing and is something i'm actually really happy with being associated. however, it's always cool being able to do something a little bit different.

check out one of my latest works with view magazine below, where i was able to tap into my more luxurious side.

photographer - olaf mueller
stylist - me
hair & make-up - ryan wing li
fashion assistant - coco marett
behind-the-scenes photographer - jordan joe
model - kiri hartig

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

sheung wan, hong kong

for the past few seasons i've been completely obsessed with embroidery, whether new or vintage, i'm always on the hunt for it. i managed to pick up an embroidered/jacquard vintage jacket in korea and have been trying to get my hands on some equally dope jeans which seems to be impossible. 

i've always been really into unique fabrics and the techniques designers use to create their pieces. i'm just a sucker for it and pretty much am just drawn to different textures. 
it's those details that just set things off.

(dries van noten l/s tee, miharayasuhiro shorts, nike shoes, alexander mcqueen wallet & chain, poms bracelets, henson ring)

Monday, September 23, 2013


a few weeks ago i was asked to style a shoot for the upcoming issue of the intercontinental hotel's "view' magazine. it was a different aesthetic to my usual street styling with a much more luxurious tone throughout. of course i still added my own signature, combining the luxury pieces with a little edge. the shoot came together amazingly and the final shots look dope.

an awesome team was pulled together including my friend kiri modeling and my homie jordy shooting behind the scenes.

check out some of his shots below and keep an eye out for the upcoming "view" mag this october. 

photographer - olaf mueller
stylist - me
hair & make-up - ryan wing li
fashion assistant - coco marett
behind-the-scenes photographer - jordan joe
model - kiri hartig