Tuesday, September 18, 2012

central, hong kong

today i headed to the galerie perrotin for the launch of "pattern" by french artist, jr. the weather has been great and nowhere near as humid as usual, it's finally bearable to stay outdoors so i decided to actually walk to the venue and get out of my shorts.

i've been rocking a lot of print and pattern lately so decided to go back to basics, a plain tee and these colour blocked pants from insight, definitely one of my favorite pieces they've done.

the exhibition was cool, it's pretty rare to be able to participate in a project when at the show. attendees lined up for poster sized portraits which they were encouraged to post up around the city, a nice little added touch by the artist. another cool thing was when looking out at the view, you were able to see the recent work the artist did in hong kong on top of the ifc walkway. but the stand out for me was definitely the work jr did in the favelas, so dope.  

(nathan smith tee, insight pants, dapper hat, vans shoes, apc tote, alexander mcqueen wallet & chain, i love ugly watch, vintage rings)

colourful hong kong

earlier this year i shot for london based mag "magpie darling" with a great photographer, valentina, who is also a vogue italia contributer. while in town she wanted to shoot something capturing the character of the streets of hong kong and the pops of colour surrounding the neighborhoods.

the shoot turned out great and was published today! check it out below.

photographer - valentina pezzo
stylist - me
hair & make-up - christian merz
producer - cheryl rodriguez
fashion assistant - bianca kirn
production assistant - rebecca hardman
model - gabriela m

for additional shots check out the full story at www.juancarlosaquino.com

Monday, September 10, 2012

peace out.

a bit over a month ago my homie jeff was planning on moving from london to a city of asia. he came to hong kong and visited family and about a week in took a trip to beijing. in that time he decided he will move there, so when he came back to hong kong to pack his things, we decided we would link up before he moved and shoot something.

my friend tina might also be leaving hong kong in a bit over a month so we have been talking about shooting something incase she goes too. as jeff was leaving in a few days we all decided we would make it happen. tina is a bit of a chameleon with her mixed background, so depending on how she is styled she can pass off as a whole lot of mixed nationalities. we tried to take her out of her comfort zone and give her a less made up, sporty, tom boy look. she was up for the challenge and did a rad job, i'm really keen to see the final shots! looks like they will be pretty dope.

it was a super chill shoot and a nice little send off for jeff too wrapping the shoot up with mexican and beers.

check out a couple of shots i took behind the scenes.

good luck in beijing dude!

aeris mag

out today in the september issue of aeris magazine is an article on blogs to keep an eye on in asia. i'm happy to say that pronounced [stahyl] is featured.

check out the link below to have a read, it's on page 35.

aeris magazine

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

tsim sha tsui, hong kong

when i went on a holiday to sydney there was one thing that stood out to me in terms of my personal style, i noticed i don't dress quite as "dirty" as i used to. i no longer have extremely oversize tee's down to my knees with holes all over them, i haven't been wearing snap backs for some time and my clothes in general just don't seem to be as faded and are now without as many stains. reading over this it doesn't sound like it's a bad thing, i guess it's just a sign i'm growing up a bit. 

don't get me wrong, i still maintain a street aesthetic but while i was away i did feel like i had lost a little bit of my sydney roots, so today for old times sake i decided to rock a snap back again. 

(alpha 60 tee, opening ceremony shorts, vans shoes, vintage hat, alexander mcqueen wallet & chain, vintage jewelry, i love ugly watch)

Monday, September 3, 2012

california dreamin'

earlier this year sylvè colless, an amazing photographer from australia moved to hong kong for a short stint, while she was in town we got together and immediately clicked and had the exact same vision of the type of shoots we wanted to do. i say exact because when we met up to talk about a concept, we showed up with the exact same reference shots.
the thing with hong kong is that it is a city that has a reputation of being so shiny and new, it has a very clean cut fashion aesthetic which is very different to that of sydney,  so when the opportunity came along to do something a lot more casual, we both jumped.

it was such a sticky, humid day when we shot, props to chen yu. she's a lovely girl and did an awesome job having to be decked out in knitwear for the majority of the time.
the shoot turned out great, and was published yesterday with hong kong's post magazine.

check out the feature below with a couple of extra outtakes.