Saturday, December 24, 2011

michael in circle park x jca

while tim from circle park was in hong kong earlier this year, we collaborated on a small collection of button down shirts, featuring panel details, a longer silhouette and a signature snap top button. we called it the "hector ramone", be on the lookout for the special collab release in january.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

apgujeong, seoul

over the weekend i experienced some of the coldest weather i have ever had to endure. i was in korea with work on a buying trip and it was freezing! i'm pretty sure there was a point i had 6 layers on!

seoul was dope! i loved it there, the food, the shopping, the architecture, everything. you may not agree but it was kind of like mixing chicago, melbourne and hong kong together. it's awesome how each little suburb is so different to each other. crazy busy shopping malls with cheap knock-offs felt like i was back in hong kong's mong kok, while the graffiti lined streets with amazing boutiques and vintage shops, cafe's and that perfect amount of grime  that i love reminded me of some dope spots in chicago and melbourne. then there was the beverly hills type areas which were still great, places like ilmo, corso como and boon the shop gave me my fix for that higher end fashion itch.

the only negative was not having the cash flow to really go nuts. i did manage to get a few things though, my favorite would definitely have to be this vintage piece i picked up. i'm a sucker for embroidery!


Friday, December 2, 2011

"the living room", sheung wan, hong kong

the temperature has finally dropped in hong kong, winter's here! so the darker tones are coming out again.
finally i can wear all those beanies, thick button downs and jackets i brought with me from sydney. sorry, jacket (singular) i brought with me. who new hong kong would be freezing in winter!?

lately i've been going through a massive navy phase. actually not lately, i've always really liked the colour. i'm really drawn to it for some reason, it's always a staple in my wardrobe and this season is no different. i'm pretty sure my latest purchases have all been navy, a pair of vans spectators, the peacoat chukka boots and hat i'm wearing today, a pair of pants, some socks and right now i have my eye on a navy suede bag. 

you can never have too much navy!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

behind the scenes - circle park

a little while back i showed you a few snippets of what's to come from aussie label circle park. here's a little more of a peek with this behind the scenes video of the look book shoot, you can really get a sense of what circle park is all about and how much fun it was working with this crew.
the collection is dropping soon so keep an eye out!

photographer - jessica klingelfuss
stylist - me
make-up & hair - ryan wing li
tattoo illustration - karmen leung
models - anthony law, michael seifert & rory greer
video - zarek wong

Monday, November 14, 2011

sharing a smoke with "bek"

this is bek, actually this is nete rahbek, her name is not pronounced ne-te, i actually have no idea how to pronounce it properly (sorry dude i tried, and failed). hence why i am sticking to bek, short for rahbek.

i met bek yesterday on a shoot i was collaborating on with local hong kong stylist, kelvin wud. we paired up to see what our different styles and backgrounds (hong kong and australia) would bring to the table and create. shooting was dante, how good is that name for a photographer?! he's a great new talent.
models were bek and justyna, both girls were dope and amazing sports being decked out in winter gear in this hong kong heat. 

i cant show all looks from the shoot, but here's a peak of some of bek's i took in between shots.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

brittany in circle park

not too long ago i teamed up yet again with the home boy tim, from circle park. it was a typical hong kong day at south bay beach. scorching hot and dripping sweat. so it was incredibly rewarding to end the day with margarita's and an afternoon swim when the shoot was wrapped!

i had a great team lined up, working with one of my favorite photographers dicky manana. i cant wait to shoot with him again, he always produces amazing work. modeling was australian beauty brittany (i'm still wondering how she managed to lose her thongs!), and the always entertaining karl.

here's a few sneaky pics of brit from the shoot. she's totally rocking the circle park gear. you would never know that it was strictly menswear!

Monday, October 24, 2011

me, myself and jo

it seems i have been in front of the camera rather than behind lately, which is weird since i really don't like having my picture taken. who would have thought that being surrounded by models all the time would spawn some strange insecurity in me and fear of looking like a complete goon in comparison. ha!

today however, was actually a lot of fun! i was the subject for a series of portraits taken by the very talented josephine rozman, who had an amazing feat of making me feel at ease in front of the lens. seriously, that's hard to do.

somehow we grew up in the same neighborhood, went to the same college and never crossed paths. needless to say this will not be the case anymore. only took moving to another country!
keep an eye out for future shoots by jo and myself.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

joyce - cast your vote

i was walking past the new joyce boutique that opened in the lee gardens, causeway bay in hong kong and was asked to participate in their street style competition. unfortunately voting closes at midnight tonight so i only have one night of voting for my chance to win! still, it's cool to have been asked to do it by a store i really love. please click the link to vote, go to most recent and find me, i'm number 0525.
i'd really appreciate any support!

Monday, October 3, 2011

no parking

a little while back i had the pleasure of shooting with a friend of mine, swedish fashion blogger, frida. it was a great little sydney send off for her with the sun shining, a little bit of drinking and just cooling out in the back streets of sydney.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

sai ying pun, hong kong

i just came back from a short holiday to vietnam. was great! just laying out on the beaches, massages everyday and experiencing the different food and culture. was a much needed break from the hustle of hong kong. fashion is really not vietnams strong point, being great tailors however, really is. since i wasn't able to find anything i liked, i decided i would go ahead and get something specially made. a pair of custom tailored overalls, something i had been searching for quite some time. finally i have them!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

circle park - dropping soon

the other day I had the privilege of styling the campaign / lookbook for my homie tim and his soon to be launched australian menswear lifestyle label, circle park. the shoot was awesome and no doubt will look amazing with photographer and friend jessica klingelfuss behind the lens. we had an awesome crew with ryan wing li doing make-up, karmen leung with tattoo illustration (so dope!) and models michael, anthony and rory. without giving too much away, here's a peek into the day and what's to come from behind the scenes with zarek wong.

watch out for design collaborations between myself and circle park

behind the scenes photographer - zarek wong
photographer - jessica klingelfuss
stylist - me
make-up & hair - ryan wing li
tattoo illustration - karmen leung
models - anthony law, michael seifert & rory greer

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

sheung wan, hong kong

i'm so excited that it's raining right now, i feel like the warmer months are moving behind us and the cooler months are fast approaching. i'm so psyched that i can wear sleeves and be comfortable for once.

really looking forward to the days of jumpers, jackets and beanies. i love winter. bring it on!

Monday, August 29, 2011


i've started curating for a space here in hong kong called konzepp, started up by geoff tsui, a renowned designer and willie chan, who is most famous for starting jackie chan's career! 
here's a little write up from hong kong blogger daniel kong about the space, and myself. 
check it out on the black renaissance blog.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

youth & freedom magazine - back streets

my friend jessica came to hong kong for a quick visit before heading for london. we punched out 2 shoots while she was here, "friday night lights" and this, "back streets". the theme for this issue was gender. i wanted to style a playful shoot so eve smith was perfect with her boyish charm. the shoot was published with youth & freedom magazine, new york.

photographer - jessica klingelfuss
stylist - me
hair & make-up - ryan wing li
model - eve smith