Tuesday, February 28, 2012

sheung wan, hong kong

lately i've been wanting a lot more jewelry, i already wear a little but am going through a phase of wanting to just cover my fingers in rings. the downside is i don't really have enough rings to do this the way i want so i have to start out slow.

awesome thing is, my girlfriend andy listens and suprised me with a ring when returning from her recent trip overseas. it's exactly the type of ring i was after, all i need now is about 3 or 4 more and i'll be set.

it's a great start though!

Monday, February 27, 2012

ain't nothin' but a g thang

cara g is awesome! a really cool girl, heaps of confidence, and is up for anything. she's not afraid to try different things and unlike me, is not afraid of heights.

for some reason i find myself in situations involving high ledges, i don't understand how this happens considering it is the last place i want to be. while my brother was in town, i'm pretty sure i had never been more scared of someone falling off the side of a building, well until now. cara had no problems with laying, sitting or standing right out on the edge! so crazy! and equally, so impressed! had an awesome shoot with her and will definitely be working together again soon.

i pulled together a great team for the shoot, was able to work with one of my favorites again, dicky, who i have to gives props to. he did amazing, couldn't even tell he was feeling really ill.

here are some shots i took of cara, who would have thought that such a sweet person could turn into a straight up g!

Sunday, February 26, 2012


the other i day had the pleasure of finally shooting with jeffrey chan, a great talent from toronto. we met about a year ago on a test shoot when he was in town last, shooting my homie eve. now he's back, and we thought we would pump out a few shoots while he was in town.

unfortunately, the weather was terrible, but despite this the shoot turned out great! it also gave me a chance to finally work with my gorgeous friend kiri, who just killed it in front of the camera.

fashion one tv was there to film how it all went down, conducting a few interviews for a small feature. that was definitely a great experience, however i think i might need to brush up on my interview skills!

check out some shots i took while behind the scenes.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

the many faces of bori

for a bit of fun today, i did a little test shoot with my good friend paul, and the very animated bori. she's quite a character, and was great being able to shoot with her before she left hong kong.

here's a few behind the scenes shots i took from todays shoot. final edits to come soon...

Friday, February 10, 2012

portraits by josephine

a few months back i was featured in a portrait series by my friend, josephine rozman.

she produces great work and it's always great collaborating with her. whether it's in front of the camera or behind, it's a lot of fun!

the other day jo came to my work place to photograph some products and the space, as well as do a short interview with me about the work i've been doing for konzepp (the space i curate for in hong kong). once we were through all the formalities (it was actually very relaxed), we decided to shoot a few more shots for another series of portraits.

i'm really feeling the rawness and graininess in these shots. it's definitely cool when you know you vibe well with someone who you want to work with. i still haven't been able to style a shoot for her yet, but we will... soon.