Monday, January 27, 2014

eve speciall - styled by...

i've been working on a test series called "styled by" for sometime now, i basically go into the wardrobes of creatives i admire and style them based on their personal style, with each video giving a look into the personality and style of the individual featured.
i started it in sydney with my homie at 'myson ichiban' and have finally started the hong kong edition with my mate anderson.

check out episode one of the hk edition featuring the "professional cutie and selecta", eve spesh. 

stylist - me
videographer - anderson ko
model - eve speciall

Sunday, January 12, 2014


next up in the hong kong edition of the "styled by" video series is my homegirl yasmin, a dj and singer/songwriter from the uk.

i first met yasmin back in april or may of 2013 when the crew at fob (fresh off the boat) held their rock the bells party at fly nightclub. of course it was a dope night and yasmin got a taste for the hong kong party scene and has been a frequent visitor ever since, she pretty much lives in hong kong now! recently, she played alongside hip-hop heavy weights pusha t and pharrell at hong kong's latest music festival curated by pharrell williams, "blohk party". she's now been back and forth a few times and on her last stint, we decided to collab and film the next episode of the series.

watch this space for the video, until then check out some shots i took behind the scenes and have a listen to her soundcloud.

Friday, January 10, 2014


i was born and raised in sydney and up until 3 years ago it was the only place i ever called home. hong kong is home now but sydney will always have my heart, so i couldn't be happier for the homies back home who have been developing the 'sydney romantics' brand for the past year. it's for all the sydney cats who love home and want to rep' where they're from.

when i first heard what they were doing over a year ago, i was stoked and had to pick up the jersey, i completely regretted not getting the jacket too. i've been patiently waiting and now it's finally arrived! I know it's kind of lame, but i totally want to see a romantics crew rocking these jackets around town. 

(miharayasuhiro tee, sydney romantics x ebbets field flannels jacket, nudie jeans, alexander mcqueen wallet & chain, vans x wtaps shoes, carhartt x apc beanie)

Monday, January 6, 2014

lantau, hong kong

i think i've just found one of my favorite little spots in hong kong for photo shoots thanks to a friend of mine who came to visit a while ago. he had a fascination with planes and somehow found out that there was a small area that you could get to that was right at the end of the runway and the waters edge. planes would fly right over head as they were landing, it's a pretty awesome sight and i'm definitely going to go back to shoot there again.   

(rick owens tee, insight shirt, alexander wang jacket, kenzo pants, vans shoes, alexander mcqueen wallet & chain, market bracelets, vintage ring)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

twenty thirteen

twenty thirteen was a rad year for me, i met a lot of amazing people and formed some really great friendships. i collab'd with friends through styling, but i was also able try different things creatively with art directing and consulting on projects as well. i managed to do more with video and began filming the hk edition of my video test series "styled by" which i'm really excited about launching in 2014! i started a monthly street style feature with 'boom' magazine asia, and i even jumped in front of the camera a few times modeling for look books and editorials - still weird to do that though.

check out below for a few highlights and stay tuned for new projects in 2014.