Friday, January 10, 2014


i was born and raised in sydney and up until 3 years ago it was the only place i ever called home. hong kong is home now but sydney will always have my heart, so i couldn't be happier for the homies back home who have been developing the 'sydney romantics' brand for the past year. it's for all the sydney cats who love home and want to rep' where they're from.

when i first heard what they were doing over a year ago, i was stoked and had to pick up the jersey, i completely regretted not getting the jacket too. i've been patiently waiting and now it's finally arrived! I know it's kind of lame, but i totally want to see a romantics crew rocking these jackets around town. 

(miharayasuhiro tee, sydney romantics x ebbets field flannels jacket, nudie jeans, alexander mcqueen wallet & chain, vans x wtaps shoes, carhartt x apc beanie)

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