Thursday, May 31, 2012

shibuya, harajuku & ginza, japan

everyone always tells me how much they love japan, how cool and nice everybody is, the shopping, the food, it's always really positive feedback. finally i was able to visit and form my own opinion, thanks to my girlfriend spoiling me with a trip as apart of my 30th birthday celebration.

honestly, it lives up to the hype! japan's dope, i love that there's just so many backstreets leading to really cool spots, and just when you turn another corner thinking there won't be anything, you stumble onto even better finds, so rad. you end up losing your bearings a bit as the deeper you go, the more twists and turns you find. it's like a labyrinth of amazing fashion and food that extends below and above ground level.

i think the highlights for me were cruising around on bikes through shibuya and harajuku. the weather was great and the ride is so easy since the roads are so flat. secondly, finding there is a massive amount of vintage available. i've really missed seeing the appreciation for vintage as hong kong has a much "cleaner" aesthetic, so was awesome seeing tokyo embracing it, and having a perfect balance of high end, vintage and street styling.

Friday, May 18, 2012


the other day i had the pleasure of shooting with a great photographer and make-up artist from europe. valentina and christian, who are only in hk for a quick visit are touring around the city, and somehow still managing to fit a shoot in basically everyday they are in town! it's very impressive.

the duo have produced work with amazing publications like vogue italia! so when asked, i jumped at the opportunity to  produce a shoot with them. we shot around the streets of sheung wan and central, it was a great experience and i have no doubt the final shots will look amazing, our model gabriela was dope too, a lovely girl with killer eyes, she was good fun.

valentina is so quick when shooting too! somehow i managed to squeeze in a few behind the scenes shots of gabriela, i love seeing the contrast of a models personality when in between shots. check them out below.

the shoot is to be published by a london mag, so if you're there when it's out, send me a copy!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

alexander wang, tsim sha tsui

last night marked the launch of the new alexander wang flagship space in hong kong. it's a cool spot right on the main designer shopping strip in tst (tsim sha tsui). 

the party was pretty ill, all the hk cool cats were out in full force! not much colour in sight, dressed in all black seemed to be the theme of the night, i guess i may have stood out dressed extremely plain and decked out in navy!

there were some special guest dj's dropping some hip hop classics too, leading me to believe asap rocky may be in attendance since he was at the recent beijing launch. i was very wrong, but not at all disappointed, i did meet the man himself, alexander wang. real chill dude.

Friday, May 11, 2012

just like spring rain

so a little while ago i posted some behind the scenes shots from a shoot with canadian photographer jeffrey chan, kiri and fashion one. well time has flown by! jeff is back in hk so i thought it would be appropriate to show you how these shots turned out.

i think the title is very appropriate for this shoot, the weather was terrible that day, raining on and off with pools of water surrounding us, and some how we had to pass it off like it was still a nice, dry day.

i think we succeeded.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

sheung wan, hong kong

i don't know why i keep doing this but for some reason i try to hold on to the wearing of long sleeves for as along as possible. no idea why, maybe because i love cooler weather and am just in denial about it heating up. for whatever reason though, hong kong is definitely not the city to do this in.

it's starting to get extremely hot and i have made the decision to wear my sleeves down in a city with crazy humidity. i think this is definitely the last day i will be able to do this, until winter starts kicking in again that is. luckily it's not too bad today, but i think trying to do this again any time soon will be a massive mistake.

so, for the last time (for about 6 months anyway), here i am in my hood (sheung wan)... with my sleeves down.