Wednesday, May 2, 2012

sheung wan, hong kong

i don't know why i keep doing this but for some reason i try to hold on to the wearing of long sleeves for as along as possible. no idea why, maybe because i love cooler weather and am just in denial about it heating up. for whatever reason though, hong kong is definitely not the city to do this in.

it's starting to get extremely hot and i have made the decision to wear my sleeves down in a city with crazy humidity. i think this is definitely the last day i will be able to do this, until winter starts kicking in again that is. luckily it's not too bad today, but i think trying to do this again any time soon will be a massive mistake.

so, for the last time (for about 6 months anyway), here i am in my hood (sheung wan)... with my sleeves down.  

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