Thursday, May 31, 2012

shibuya, harajuku & ginza, japan

everyone always tells me how much they love japan, how cool and nice everybody is, the shopping, the food, it's always really positive feedback. finally i was able to visit and form my own opinion, thanks to my girlfriend spoiling me with a trip as apart of my 30th birthday celebration.

honestly, it lives up to the hype! japan's dope, i love that there's just so many backstreets leading to really cool spots, and just when you turn another corner thinking there won't be anything, you stumble onto even better finds, so rad. you end up losing your bearings a bit as the deeper you go, the more twists and turns you find. it's like a labyrinth of amazing fashion and food that extends below and above ground level.

i think the highlights for me were cruising around on bikes through shibuya and harajuku. the weather was great and the ride is so easy since the roads are so flat. secondly, finding there is a massive amount of vintage available. i've really missed seeing the appreciation for vintage as hong kong has a much "cleaner" aesthetic, so was awesome seeing tokyo embracing it, and having a perfect balance of high end, vintage and street styling.

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