Tuesday, April 10, 2012

sheung wan, hong kong

some of you may know that i celebrated my birthday a few days ago. the "dirty thirty".
to be honest, i wasn't looking forward to turning thirty, getting older isn't so bad, but celebrating the big 3-0 without any of my homies from sydney just didn't feel right.

well, i was completely wrong! i did miss my mates, but have to say i had an amazing birthday weekend regardless.

it started off with my brother gino flying to hong kong and surprising me while out to dinner with my girlfriend (i was speechless and pretty sure i looked dumbfounded), had an awesome dinner the following night with great company and a few dope nights out as well.

my girlfriend also got me a trip to japan, plus more! my parents even got me this amazing acne camo number, and to top it all off, received this extra special ring, my dad's graduating university ring from '73.


  1. happy belated bday!!

    just want to say im a huge fan of your work... very inspiring! :)

    all the best for 2012 x

    .. oh ... and im sure ron would want me to tell you that he misses you.. haha.

    1. Thanks Ilona! Appreciate it heaps.

      Tell Ron (and yourself too) to come and visit me!!