Monday, September 10, 2012

peace out.

a bit over a month ago my homie jeff was planning on moving from london to a city of asia. he came to hong kong and visited family and about a week in took a trip to beijing. in that time he decided he will move there, so when he came back to hong kong to pack his things, we decided we would link up before he moved and shoot something.

my friend tina might also be leaving hong kong in a bit over a month so we have been talking about shooting something incase she goes too. as jeff was leaving in a few days we all decided we would make it happen. tina is a bit of a chameleon with her mixed background, so depending on how she is styled she can pass off as a whole lot of mixed nationalities. we tried to take her out of her comfort zone and give her a less made up, sporty, tom boy look. she was up for the challenge and did a rad job, i'm really keen to see the final shots! looks like they will be pretty dope.

it was a super chill shoot and a nice little send off for jeff too wrapping the shoot up with mexican and beers.

check out a couple of shots i took behind the scenes.

good luck in beijing dude!

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