Thursday, November 7, 2013

come alive - teaser

hysteria mag from sydney approached me while they were in hong kong a couple of months ago and informed me about the new issue they will be releasing mid this month - the freedom issue.

initially i thought of freedom meaning you can do anything you want. i began to think about when i first started out in styling. when i did, one of the things that i was attracted to most was there was no boundaries to to your own concepts. you could go as crazy or as minimal as you wanted, you could do anything, there wass no right or wrong. you have complete creative freedom. i started thinking of all the possible ideas but kept coming back to one thing which i found was even more interesting, the actual process.

in the end, i decided instead of focusing on the theme of 'freedom' itself, to focus more on the journey someone takes to break free.

below is a teaser for hysteria magazines "freedom" issue. be sure to check back for the full editorial soon.

video - anderson ko
stylist - me
hair & make-up - summer wong
model - jordan joe

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