Friday, April 26, 2013

cath love for pronounced [stahyl].

when my girlfriend and i moved to hk the first person and friend we pretty much met was cath aka. 'cath love'. she's an extremely talented artist who started out in the graff scene and now she also spins tunes that make dudes get rowdy and girls want to get their eagle on.

i've been a fan of cath's artworks ever since and have been trying to figure out a way we can work together and still show her skills. so to start, i asked her if she can illustrate my styled fits. 

check the work below, it's pretty dope and definitely motivates me to get the ball rolling on more projects we could work on together.

(études sweater, dior homme extra long shirt, acne pants, vans shoes, apc x carhartt beanie, elke necklace, vintage rings)    

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