Monday, March 12, 2012

the clash

so i met earl pretty much two months into living in hong kong, we kept trying to organise a shoot together but for some reason or another, the plans kept falling through. as they do. i was contacted by post magazine, asking if i could do a menswear shoot, with only a few days to do so. so finally, after all that talk, earl and i have been able to produce a shoot together!

i gotta say the shoot turned out pretty dope! you may be thinking a couple of day's is easy to pull a shoot together, but honestly, having to source high-end fashion pieces over the biggest holiday of the year (in hong kong), chinese new year, was actually near to impossible. everyone is on holiday so getting a response from anyone was extremely difficult.

i was so stressed out, but luckily the day before the shoot, i heard back from all the brands i wanted to feature. in the end the shoot turned out great, we had an awesome team with earl shooting, my mate ryan who always does a great job with hair and make-up and the heroin-chic lyden, who really reminds me of a character from trainspotting (no offense man).

check it out below, along with a few extra favorites of mine.

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