Monday, March 5, 2012


it seems these days so many people are really great at a lot of things, i find in hong kong i keep meeting so many people that apart from their main career are also a slash... designer slash consultant / dj / model etc.

over the weekend i worked with a slashie, eva. she's a lot of fun and a great model / photographer.
we decided we would collaborate and shoot together, i styled the shoot, she modeled, then she shot a shoot, i modeled (if you could call it that).

i have to say, it's actually quite intimidating being in front of the camera while the actual model is behind it. it's a lot harder than it looks! i am now aware i pretty much can only pull 2 faces, normal, and overly happy.
luckily, eva still managed to capture what she was after, apart from a frown. i'll have to work on it.


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