Wednesday, March 7, 2012

sheung wan, hong kong

i've always been a huge fan of headwear, you may have noticed i love rocking a beanie in the colder months, but apart from that, i pretty much just love a really classic shape of headwear. whether it's a baseball cap, 5 panel, beanie, train driver hats, fedora or a cowboy style even, headwear is a staple accessory of mine. i do love the classic styles, but what i really get down with is a classic silhouette done with a modern twist.

for instance, one of my homies from sydney, tris, who just came for a quick visit to the kong is developing his own line of hats. a classic bucket hat style (which i'm really feeling this season) with nice little details, dope fabrics and lining, re-enforced brims, contrast stitching, everything that i could possibly ask for in a hat. I'm really into patterns and print this season, so a bucket hat with a nice paisley or floral print is something i've been trying to get my hands on in time for the warmer weather. 

lucky for me, tris is on the same page, and was nice enough to give me some proddy.

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