Monday, March 26, 2012

balmain, sydney

i have just returned from a trip to sydney, it was dope! wasn't the longest trip but i was able to catch up with my homies back home. was so good to just hang with them, have some beer's in brown paper bags (i've really missed the brown bags!), and take in the amazing weather. so glad i managed to get in a swim and a bike ride.

i didn't realise how much i actually missed the city, i always said it was just the people that i missed most, but i think from this latest trip i really grew to appreciate it and the lifestyle i once had in my home town.

i went back to the family home and found my old scottie pippen "dream team 2" jersey, tried it on and surprisingly it fits! good thing when i was growing up i wore oversize so the jersey fits perfectly now.

wish i brought a bigger bag so i could bring back more goodies.

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