Monday, January 3, 2011

fabricated [stahyl]

for some reason, fate was against me for this shoot.
i had this concept of styling a shoot completely out of fabric, no clothing what so ever. basically to educate myself on the way different fabrics would sit and fall. i've always had a fascination with drapery, and this was the perfect outlet to experiment with it.
so, back to fate being against me. it just so happened the shoot took quite a lot of planning and surprisingly, obtaining really nice fabrics from designers was a lot harder than i had hoped. none the less, i managed to source some. then out of nowhere, the night before the scheduled date for the shoot, i receive a text. the text was from rose saying she was at ksubi's "big in japan" show, and what did they do? a show completely styled using fabric!
lucky for me, my styled looks dont look at all like the ksubi show.

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