Thursday, November 1, 2012

sheung wan, hong kong

it's finally time to start wearing the winter threads again, it's not winter yet but it's definitely approaching fast. hong kong only ever has that in-between season for about 3 weeks, it's basically either hot or cold... and the cold has completely creeped up on me.

don't get it twisted, i love this time of year, as do most people who are into fashion. it's the typical answer of being able to do more with what you wear, more accessory options, the choice of layering different pieces and just being able to pile everything on. to be honest though, after living in hong kong for some time now i'm pretty much just looking forward to just being able to walk down the street and not break into a sweat. that, and i get to wear my beanies again. 

(apc x carhartt beanie, uniqlo l/s waffle tee and socks, insight singlet and shorts, elke necklace, alexander mcqueen wallet and chain, vans x wtaps shoes, vintage jewelry, i love ugly watch)   

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