Monday, January 7, 2013

it's been a long time..

december is usually quite a busy time of year for everyone, this was especially the case for me to end 2012. i had heaps of deadlines to meet before the year closed and even tighter one's as i was starting my holidays earlier to go back to sydney for the christmas and new year break. no idea how i managed to actually get everything done!

i had a dope time back home, spent most of the trip laying out in the sun with my homies and finally getting some much needed colour. unfortunately every trip has to come to an end, so here i am, back in the kong. one upside for coming back was just before i left i picked up this  a. wang bomber, so finally i have a chance to rock it.

(alexander wang jacket, ann demeulemeester shirt, nudie jeans, nike shoes, alexander mcqueen chain and wallet, gala curios and vintage rings)

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