Friday, January 18, 2013

sheung wan, hong kong

every season i find some really dope pieces that i just have to have, i pretty much have a wish list of items so that when i look around stores i don't impulsively buy something and actually try and save money so i can get them. it's kind of a way for me to really see how much i really want something.

so there were 2 items on this list for a little while that i've had my eye on since their release, the cropped givenchy sweatshirts which i had been using various colours of on past photoshoots, and another was the new nike flyknits which for some reason have been extremely hard to find in hong kong. lucky for me i somehow stumbled across a little "hole in the wall" spot which had a pair, and even luckier it was my size!

i missed out on the sweatshirt, they disappeared by the time i went to get one, so the other day i decided to get crafty and just make myself something inspired by the piece, hopefully one day i find it again but at least for the meantime i've got this joint.

(alpha 60 tee, uniqlo sweatshirt (customized), nudie jeans, apc x carhartt beanie, alexander mcqueen wallet and chain, nike flyknit shoes)

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